Social Services

Social Services

A socially responsible human is a responsible and active citizen. Become a humanitarian by serving the society with specially designed social services program at universities. Despite of what negative rumors are spread in the air regarding humanitarian and socially active citizens, people continue to contribute a larger part of their lives to the society. One of the reasons may be the easy dissemination of information today which is why people have become more aware of the realities. More and more students these days are looking forward to further their career in this particular field. Securing and safeguarding families as your own brings out the real human in you. Providing support and a safe environment for the sake of welfare is everybody’s responsibility as a human.

Social Services at Gulf OU:

Gulf OU and partner universities under its umbrella recognized the socially active and responsible citizens and their significant contributions to the society. We believe that it is our responsibility in providing them a direction and motivation to continue doing the same. Through this platform, such professionals can attain a degree appropriate of their work and experience.

With the growing job opportunities in the field of social services, attaining this degree from one of our partner institutes would mean securing a good future. Walk towards making a difference in the society and promote child welfare, public health and many more. Gulf online university offers degrees in this unique area believing there are growth opportunities for many in here and a need of recognition remains unanswered in the world of social sciences.

Majors offered:

  • Human services