The closest to observing humanity is the field of psychology. It is the most interesting of all fields and remains a popular choice of majors amongst students on a year-round basis. This is mainly because of its relationship near to humanity is so intensely close that it becomes a fascination to all. Even in the Gulf region students are interested in taking psychology courses and are enrolling in sub-fields of psychology. Many institutes holding expertise in this majors have surfaced in the previous years to serve the need of all the interested candidates.

More and more fields in psychology are coming to our knowledge with advanced use of technology which attracts many professionals, who have years of experience in a certain psychological field, to come forward and learn about this newly rising phenomenon. Human behavior is of remarkable interest to all and it is indeed unique in so many ways that branches of psychology continues to emerge to categorize it all in an organized manner.

School of Psychology at Gulf OU:

As it is more interesting and has a close relationship to mankind, all of this also comes expensive. Considered as the most modernized field and experiencing advancements every now and then, psychology being expensive serves the right purpose. Gulf Online University observed the rising interest of candidates and then falling with the idea of expenditure involved and hence came up with quite an affordable solution. Receive an absolutely accredited, recognized by employers internationally, online degree in psychology and let your life earned experience shine.


  • Clinical Psychology
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • General Psychology