Computer Science

Computer Science

Our lives today are surrounded with technological advancements. Computers have brought about so many changes in the systems that all the processes have shortened and everywhere we go, everything we use has the involvement of computers in one way or the other. It has stacked our world so much that we have become dependent upon machine to do just about everything. This is one of the reasons why this field is experiencing massive recruitments every day.

School of Computer Sciences at Gulf OU:

Looking at the kind of dependent we have become on computers, we have granted the access to computer experts to take full advantage of this need and charge high salaries as against any other profession. The Gulf region is one such region that is experiencing massive demands of computer experts every day to fill in positions in diverse sub-fields of computer.

Online computer sciences degree has come to rescue for all professionals who have experienced failure earlier, the reason being their educational qualification not fulfilling the criteria of available vacancies. We at Gulf Online University believes that life earned experience is perhaps the most valuable asset a person can have to excel in career so providing him the appropriate degree that pairs with his career is the best thing we could possibly do to facilitate him in his career progression. Fill out a simple registration form on our website and become eligible for an online computer sciences degree within 7 days.


  • Computer Science
  • Information technology
  • Network Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Web Development
  • Multimedia and Animation