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Art School – مدرسة الفن

Applied arts is an easy career to choose but defining a career path in the same could become a hassle without the right credentials. Students from all over the world today are choosing it today out of passion and not a forced choice anymore. It even attracts professionals in the field of art as it has experienced diversity in the previous years which has made it a lucrative choice to make for a career. It is not a choice for the ones who were unable to fall in the major of their choice, people are choosing it to adopt it as a career. This is the only reason why international institutes have hired some aspiring personalities in their faculty and some are even converting into a pure arts school to flaunt their expertise in the area.

School of Applied Arts at Gulf OU:

Like all the concepts and processes are changing and shortening, the field of arts has become a victim of the same. New and innovative methods have been developed and thus changes are being experienced. Arts school today are equipped with the most efficient systems and versatile equipment and tools than it was never before. In order to ensure that with the rising changes and ever increasing fee of arts school, Gulf Online University is a prominent portal that offers the same in a very affordable and fast-paced solution. We provide online education facilities to arts professionals and students who work part-time, from all over the Gulf region, with reputed arts school, hand-picked from all over the world.

As we have affiliations with the leading arts school, we ensure that our degrees in applied arts are completely accredited and promises you a career boost. With trained counselors and representatives who updates you of your educational status and are patient with your queries, Gulf Online University has over 2 decades of experience in the same and are thus professionals in the online education industry that you can trust. The process is short, easy and you will receive update of everything that is going on in the background. So register with us today and put your valuable years of experience to a fair use with our applied arts degree.


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  • Architecture
  • Visual Communication